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The future of the web is

responsive design

With over 12 million smart phone users and 1.4 million tablet users estimated in Australia, can you ignore not having your website fully optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile?

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With our

content management system

managing your website is made easy. It is designed to give you flexibility, freedom and security.

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You'll be in good hands with our

experienced team

Our team has the skills and expertise to deliver any sized web project. You can rest assured that your web project is in safe hands and we will deliver your project on time and on budget.

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Grow mobile and tablet

e-commerce revenue

Mobile and tablet visitors are driving online shopping growth. We can help your business ramp up revenue by leveraging your existing systems.

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Improve your website ranking on the Internet with

search engine optimisation (SEO)

If you are serious about selling your products, services or enhancing your company profile online then talk to us at Xceed. We can help you increase the quality and quantity of your search engine traffic.

Web Development

We design and develop websites for small, large and complex organizations. Either stand alone, dynamically generated from custom or Open Source CMS. We configure, customise and integrate websites so that they work like you do. 

Mobile e-commerce

Our mobile enabled Websites make it easier for your customers to view, use and transact on your website. We understand how to leverage and repurpose your existing systems to present them to the mobile user.

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems allow you and your team to create & manage content for one or many desktop or mobile websites, membership management, campaigns, events, alerts, newsletters and polls. Our solutions comprise of Xceed MODX Revolution, Wordpress, Joomla & others.

Integration Services

Our web applications integrate with your back-office, stock & pricing, ERP or POS systems so that data is managed in one place to reduce duplication of effort. Query and transact in real time!

Xceed Web Development

Combining web design strategy with creativity and web design technology, Xceed internet Development specialises in engaging, intelligent website design that delivers effective and practical website designs tailored to your organisations requirements. Xceed is a Melbourne based web-site development company with offices in other states. Xceed Web Development is a leader in the Australian web design industry & has web design, software integration & software development experience. Xceed offers an extensive range of internet solutions including dynamic websites, e-commerce websites, content management systems (CMS), and software system integration services. Our web design services include, web-site hosting, domain name registration, Internet marketing, Google Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Internet Strategy Consulting, Social Media enabling and website content development for new website and existing web-site updates. Your online strategy may include both mobile and desktop users. Customers expect to experience one unified view of information across the website, at their desktop PCs, on their mobile phones and when they phone. We help businesses implement their multi-channel strategies.


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