15 million reasons to have an app for your business


As per the mobile consumer survey, “There are roughly 15 million smartphones users in Australia.” The survey also found that 2000 Australians, aged 18 to 75, are in fear of missing out, which has the entire nation looking at their devices more than 440 million times a day.

From a business perspective, the mobile App boom marks a significant game-change to customer service.

So the question is what will an App do for your consumers and business?

Firstly, it is all about the customer experience. – Or at least it should be.

For example having a user friendly App for a business is increasing the customer experience and the usability of the products/services. An App can provide easy access to;

  • Loyalty Programs
  • Order and delivery options
  • Payment Systems

These three things alone provide value to the customers. Thereby you will be increasing consumer loyalty to your brand. Customers are more likely to recommend products or services which they are loyal too.

The more customers interact with your business and products, the more they increase their loyalty points. Once the consumer has collected enough loyalty points, they can redeem them towards discounted deals on the products/services. Therefore increasing their expenditure within the company.

With the implementation of a business App, companies will be able to gain below benefits:

  • Brand awareness
  • Helps you connect with your customer
  • Reach younger demographics
  • Boost profits and increased sales
  • Customer engagement
  • Happier customer with better experience
  • Upcoming promotions and special events
  • Stand out from your competitors

Furthermore an App can also help gain information about your target audience, with simple account details filled out when first downloading the app, helps determine the characteristics of your consumers along with a loyalty program.

For any company, it is essential to identify customer details like age, demographics, location, interests, shopping habits and purchase history, which helps the business to design the future promotions and events, as per their consumer preferences. All of these combined work together to grow a business and increase its brands awareness.

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