The Xceed customer base encompasses a broad spectrum of business and organisations in Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Government, City Councils, Membership and Non-Profit based Organisations. We host and maintain their online presence by selecting the right tools and software applications that are efficient and easy to use.


Xceed has a range of Retail customers ranging from a national retailer such as JB Hi-Fi to sole traders and small business including Vitamin Shop Online, Gift Playground, Hanna Instrumentsand Red Roo Models.


Xceed specialises in the development of integrated, web-enabled systems that will transform the way you do business. Wholesalers and B2B customers utilise our e-commerce enabled websites to do business with their customers and provide them with account management tools and features that save time and energy. Our wholesale customers include Ariatech, Team Medical, Lyppard and many more.


Manufacturers such as Hanna Instruments and Silvan benefit from real time updates with their in house accounting and ERP systems which minimises cost and streamlines processes. Mobile Device apps can benefit your business procedures and open opportunities to improve productivity.

Government Agencies

Local Councils & Government Agencies are able to enhance the health and wellbeing of people in their communities though community focused websites, support networks, youth services and more. The Xceed team of developers will comply with the mandatory requirements identified in the Web Guide for developing and maintaining Australian government websites. Examples include: City of Whittlesea and the nowrongdoor Youth Services Directory.  

Membership based Organisations

The Not-For-Profit, Community, and Government sectors require enterprise level Content Management Systems (CMS) that simplify the business of web production and support their membership based systems and databases. Our broad range of customers encompasses all these sectors and includes such organisations as National Tertiary Education Union, Learning Difficulties Australia and Australian Health Services Alliance