According to research, 75% of the people do not look beyond the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing.
Do you want to be on the first page?

Ignore SEO and you ignore thousands of your potential customers. We will help you achieve a broader audience with our digital expertise. Xceed’s SEO and SEM services help your organisation feature in higher rankings of search engines.


The key is to gain a higher ranking without spending loads of money.
We will make it happen for you. Our keywords, meta titles and links will ensure more conversions for your organisation.


We develop SEO/SEM strategies that results in significant improvement of your business ranking on Google. Our SEO/SEM experts use content and keywords that achieve great results. The SEO/SEM strategies are carefully developed taking your business and industry into consideration.

One of the biggest advantages is that the results are trackable and fully transparent. We strive for high performance and efficiency. Our goal is to get the highest ranking for your organisation’s website and ultimately creating organic growth for your business. Some of the things we offer in our SEO/SEM services are:

– Creating an appealing and precise meta description
– Targeted title tags
– Content creation with keywords that Google loves

Facebook & LinkedIn Ads

Facebook is a social media platform, which connects more than half of the world’s population. Facebook ads act as an excellent source for marketing and untapped revenue. The significant attractions of Facebook ads are:

– The functionality to refine the target demographics
– Create high-end custom-made ads
– You can select your own budget

LinkedIn is a platform where millions of professionals meet and network. Many organisations today know the importance of LinkedIn because it helps them to target the corporate world and relevant industry networks.

LinkedIn ads not only get you potential leads for products and services, but also attract professionals from diverse industries. At Xceed we help you craft and integrate interactive ads, which enhances your social media strategy and keeps you ahead of your competitors.

Google AdWords

Advertising your business on Google is the fastest way to spread the word. AdWords is a brief advertisement on Google’s search results page and related websites.

We can help you reach thousands of potential customers in no time. Google AdWords is highly cost effective, you only pay when a user clicks on the ad. Xceed marketing professionals are experts in the design and implementation of AdWords campaigns.

– We know exactly what keywords to use for your ad to float at the top.
– Set and configure time and region of the ads to have great visibility.
– Enjoy your page being on popular websites related to your business.
– Enables you to put additional links, phone number and address.

Our Google AdWords and Google Remarketing approach will help you to increase your monthly sales.


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