Our team at Xceed work with you to exceed your expectations.

Your online strategy may include both mobile and desktop users. People expect to experience one unified view of information at their desktop PCs, on their tablet devices and smartphones.


We help organisations implement their multi-channel strategies.
We use responsive design techniques to allow for browser capabilities and device constraints. Xceed web developers can develop mobile friendly websites for your platform so that your customers enjoy the best experience.


Web development is a combination of design creativity and web development technology. The website should be appealing in the foreground, doing awesome work in the background. A beautiful looking website is just icing on the cake. We care about what goes beneath.

Xceed Web Development ensures that your site runs smoothly not only on desktops but on all devices. We use responsive design techniques to allow for browser capabilities and keyboard constraints, to offer your customers the best experience. A great mobile-friendly website will become a total game changer.

We use some of the world’s top Content Management Systems (CMS) for web development. We can integrate any CMS to your specific requirements. Some of these include WordPress, ModX, Magneto, Joomla, Custom & others.


E-commerce is one of the fastest growing industries. If you are in the business of E-commerce, an easy to browse website and a hassle free transaction are your top priorities.

Our focus is to ensure the best user interface and easy functionality to get your business maximum conversion rates. Along with this, we aim to provide the following:

– Design focused interface showing your brand power
– Secure payment gateway integration and a seamless purchase experience
– Smart design and tools for a better conversion rate
– Easy to update any information

A quick website is the demand of every customer looking to perform online transactions. Our focused design enhances the overall experience, which will help your business to meet the needs of your customers.


At Xceed, we specialise in integrating back office systems with your front-end website. The integration of data, enhances communication and information sharing, leading to dramatic gains in functionality, productivity and speed.

Integration refers to the coordination of information that is accessible from one location or database via the web. This is especially important for continual business growth because it enables companies to save on time, money and resources.

Our development team is highly skilled in web integration management and knows exactly what is required for a successful integration of your back office systems with front-end website. Effective integration of back-office systems improves coordination with the front office resulting in better customer service and reduced duplication of effort by staff.

Xceed can customize web-integration solutions to meet your organisations specific requirements.


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